If you’re traveling to Nepal then you are much likely to go for a trek, regardless of the location. Trekking is one of the most popular tourist activities in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal, especially to the Himalayas is high on demand since eight of the top ten highest peaks in the world are situated here. Trekking is highly recommended if you’re traveling to Nepal. However, many travelers wonder if it’s possible to trek alone or to hire a travel agency. 

why you need travel agencies for trekking in nepal

The simplest answer is ‘Yes’. But the question is if you really want to trek alone. In today’s world of technology, you have the availability of digital maps and services on your smartphone that makes traveling so much easier. You might wonder; why go through a costly process of involving travel agencies when you can do it cheaply on your own! 

Well, here’s why…

Firstly, travel agencies are not only there to increase expenses. You can make a lifelong friendly relationship with our guides. This helps create a bond with the locals while traveling. On top of that, you will stay well-informed throughout your trip. Nobody wants to wander places without knowing their actual value. Here are some more reasons why you need a travel agency while trekking in Nepal, take a look. 

Health and Risk Management

Trekking to the Himalayas is a challenging task. The journey is long and the weather is unpredictable. Because of its elevation, Nepal has very diverse climate zones. The trek through the Himalayas takes you through high elevation points which would be a new experience for your body and might cause problems at times. There is a chance of getting altitude sickness which in some cases might even be fatal. Not only that but emergency conditions can arise at any time and if you’re in a country that doesn’t speak your language and you’re basically a stranger.

But if you process through travel agencies, the experienced guides are always there by your side. They know how to handle these situations and emergency cases. They can even call medical helicopters since the travel agencies have the permit and insurance for those conditions. 


Nepal is a peaceful country. There is security personnel such as police officers in different places throughout the travel route but sometimes that might not be enough. You cannot predict when something unfortunate might occur but you can definitely prepare beforehand and travel agencies help you through it. Other security concerns might also include the wild animals since all the treks go through a wilderness of some sort. There is always some danger of encountering some of the wild animals. The experts from travel agencies will guide you through the difficulty and prepare you for the worst. 

Accommodation and Culture

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Travel agencies are well connected to the different lodging areas in the route. They notify beforehand to those places if they have guests arriving with them. That way you don’t have to worry about the night and enjoy the trek with no stress at all. Sometime, all the places might get occupied. Something you don’t want to happen. There are limited places you can go and one town is separated fairly far from the other in these areas. Also, since it’s the village culture you’ll be experiencing throughout the journey, it could be completely new to you. Having a guide by your side can help you understand the norms. 

To conclude, we highly encourage you to go through travel agencies. Trekking is hard, but with a trustworthy companion, it could get a whole lot exciting. To know more about our travel services and packages, visit our website www.coretreks.com or email us at info@coretreks.com.

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