Nepal is a landlocked country situated in between two major economic powerhouse of the world, China and India. Being in between two big countries that makes headline in world stage quite often, this tiny nation of Nepal however have made a mark for itself for being an introvert among its neighbors. Being the birthplace of the pioneer of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Nepal is indeed is a very peaceful place to be.

The other main reason for Nepal to be a safe place for visit is its people. The culture revolved around tourist or travelers in this Nepal is very hospitable. Many people believe in an ancient Sanskrit saying “athiti devo vawa” which means to treat your guest as you would treat a god. Anywhere you go, Nepalese people are very welcoming and respectful and this is something the people of Nepal take pride in. Nepalese people love foreign travelers being around them and they want them to feel warm and cozy from within.

Nepal Is Safe to Travel

In terms of security, travelers can be confident in Nepal’s care for its visitors. As tourism being a major part of the economy, the government of Nepal has made a priority in establishing security spots and policing in various trekking/expedition routes all over Nepal. For this reason, travelers can be confident about their security while traveling to Nepal. Anyone can explore this beautiful country of Himalayas without any hesitations or insecurities.

Whether it be the trekking trails through lush hills and mighty Himalayas, adventure sports such as mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, bungee, paragliding, or the jungle safari through thick forests of the plain, all these activities are filled with thrilling adventures. However, it is highly recommended to have a travel guide with you at all times while traveling to Nepal because of its unique geographical topography, cultures and its fauna. We are confident that you can put you worries to the side and experience for yourselves what this beautiful country Nepal has to offer.

The beautiful landscapes of the nature blending with its unique culture and fine people would definitely leave some impression to your heart. We are confident but we would want for you to see that for yourselves and be the judge of that.