Annapurna is considered among the most dangerous mountains in Nepal. Yet, each year lot of adventures and trekkers take part in various the summits on the Annapurna. If you are one of them, wondering how dangerous is Annapurna? Do you need to be exceptionally fit? Are there less challenging trail options? Then we are here to tell you all the facts about the Annapurna mountain.

About Annapurna Mountains

Before we dig deep into understanding how dangerous Annapurna is, let learn a little bit about these glorious mountains.

Annapurna Mountains
Annapurna Region Arial View

Annapurna is a majestic mountain range in the Himalayas. Situated in north-central part of Nepal, the Annapurna mountain has 14 peaks. The tallest mountain peak stands at 8,091 metres (26,545 ft), which according to the history was climbed by a French Expedition in 1950. The entire mountain range is safeguarded within the 7629 square kilometre of Annapurna Conservation Area. Annapurna Conservation Area is the earliest conservation area in Nepal. The Annapurna Conservation Area offers amazing trekking trails. The Annapurna Sanctuary and the Annapurna Circuit is among the most famous ones visited by a huge number of trekkers.

So how dangerous is Annapurna mountains? And what makes people believe that Annapurna is so deadly? Let’s find out!

The Annapurna Himal from the northeast
The Annapurna Himal from the northeast.

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High Death Rate

The Annapurna Mountains has a death rate of 35% to 40%, which is higher to its counter parts such as the K2 and the Mount Everest. Though the Annapurna mountains offer short trekking trails, most of them are extreme and least attempted by trekkers. The Annapurna mountains have difficult terrains – which makes it remote and unreachable during emergency situations, leading to the rise in death rate.

Unstable Climatic

From February to May, the Annapurna mountains are usually warmer. The following months build towards the Monsoon, while it gets cooler as Winter sets in from November to January. The Annapurna trekking regions also go through a variety of climate zones from the tropics at 750 meters to the Arctic at 5416 meters. However, irrespective of the month and the altitude, you may witness summer breeze, snow and showers – all through the trekking trail.

Difficult Terrain

Even though Annapurna is the 10th tallest peak in the world, it offers difficult terrains. Some terrains of Annapurna are difficult to climb. The curves at the Annapurna mountains are also considered one of the most fatal compared to the K2 or the Everest. The treks at Annapurna last from 15 days or above, through which trekkers are expected to walk for over 7 hours on high altitudes above 5000 meters. Although the landscapes are scenic throughout, the terrain can be challenging for many trekkers.

Numerous Avalanche

The unpredictable weather also creates possibilities for numerous avalanches on the mountain ranges of Annapurna. Also, as per some reports global warming is melting the glaciers adding to the risk of more rapid avalanche disasters in the region.

So, does that mean reconsider visiting Annapurna mountains? No way! Here is why should you still visit Annapurna mountains?

Annapurna View From Poonhill
Annapurna View From Poonhill

Trekking on any mountain in the world can be dangerous and should be accomplished consciously with precautionary measure. Annapurna mountains may be the least visited one, but still is embarked on and achieved by over 40,000 trekkers each year.

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The snow cladded Annapurna mountain is surrounded by a sanctuary and can be climbed through various terrains. Each trail has its own specialities – from being tangled between the forest to Ghorepani to small snack stand with authentic foods. From touring the castles along England’s Pennine Way to the ruins of Machu Picchu and an ancient trade route – the Annapurna mountains does not fail to amuse. However, the safest way to trek Annapurna mountains is with a travel expert. Speak to a travel expert from CoreTreks to understand how to safely trek these mountains.

Annapurna Circuit Trek Nepal

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