Being a peak spring tourist season, thousands of mountaineers arrived in Nepal earlier this month to participate in trekking adventures and perhaps visit the world’s highest peak – Mount Everest. If you are one of them, you would already know the about the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic – that has caused travel limitations and urged quarantines around the world.

However, we have amalgamated a few things you need to know as a tourist in Nepal –

The Nationwide Lockdown

omid armin 2GHCdtW45Uw unsplash
An image of closed stores during lock-down

The world is on high alert, borders have been ceased and rigorous measures are being taken to limit the spread of Covid-19. Following the same path, the Nepal Government also initiated a major shutdown in the region. On Monday the 23rd of March 2020 – this nationwide lockdown became even more evident in the country after Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ishwar Pokhrel announced the shutdown.

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Trekking & Climbing Permits Cancelled

Nepal’s Government has also cancelled all climbing permits from 14 March until 30 April. Reportedly, all issued permits along with the permits those in que and were yet to be issued for the 2020 will be cancelled as well, until further intimation. Although, Nepal’s tourism economy would have extreme affects from this move – the government is taking stern measures for the safety of both tourists as well as residents.

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Only Departing Flights

As per some reports, initially the Tribhuvan International Airport under the directives of the Nepalese Government stated that no international flights would regulate. The aim was to halt all modes of commute to and from the country. However, after several tourists urged to get home, the Tribhuvan International Airport have now allowed only few departing flights over the next few days.

Nepali Tourist Visa Status

Another news report said that the issuance of Nepalis Tourist Visas is put on hold. The government has temporarily stopped issuing on-arrival tourist visas. The visa suspension started on March 14 and will be continued until April 30, unless further extended. Aiming to restrict traveler’s movement to and from India via land routes as well, the Visa restriction were put in place.


The Policy, Planning and Monitoring Division of the Health Ministry had provided 3 hotlines —9851255837, 9851255834, and 9851255839. The helpline offers information about COVID-19 pandemic to the people in Nepal including tourists. People can also make use of the toll-free helpline 1115, which is provided by the World Health Organization.